Sunday, January 3, 2016

Blue Oyster Cult - 'Heavy Metal: The Black And Silver' from Fire Of Unknown Origin (1981)

So my favorite Blue Oyster Cult album, and the one I think is their most overall consistent, and this is controversial even with me, given the existence of Secret Treaties and whatnot, is Fire Of Unknown Origin (1981) BECAUSE it forges this insane soft rock/metal fusion which is both smoothly muscled and laid-back and rocks like the hardest thing ever. It is ferocious, and mid-tempo, and leisurely and intricate. This song is about using anti-matter to summon the Black Horizon, to erect Einstein-Rosen bridges to open portals to Chaos. It is also a song about how awesome Heavy Metal is, and how you should rock out to it if within auditory radius of its summoning. Fire Of Unknown Origin has far more than just this song, however, it has the awesome title track, which might be the best on the album, with its incredible churning guitar riff and keyboard pattern, which ends up being entirely hypnotic. The keyboards on this album are icy-chill and 80's appropriate, without sounding dated, with lots of weird details in the corners and shadows. It also has an amazing, somewhat tasteless-but-incredible song about a reanimated Joan Crawford back from the dead! It has that cover art, which is probably the best Blue Oyster Cult album cover ever. Here is the entire Official Blue Oyster Cult playlist for Fire Of Unknown Origin so you can check it out too! But really, my single favorite Blue Oyster Cult album (I am pretty sure!)

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