Sunday, January 3, 2016

Lizzy Borden - 'Council For The Cauldron' from Murderess Metal Road Show (1986)

I have been in love with the band Lizzy Borden since watching 80's Metal Horror movies Trick Or Treat and Black Roses, both of which feature Lizzy Borden logos/music/performance. As a band, they inhabited this awesome spot immediately within the confluence of USPM, Speed Metal and Thrash. They had a lead singer who carried an axe onstage and wore a red leather jumpsuit. In fact, they all (at least in this video) wore red leather jumpsuit things, or at least pants. One of my favorite 70's/80's Metal Tropes is the Summoning Of The Faithful To Rock, and there is literally no better example of this than 'Council Of The Cauldron' by Lizzy Borden. 'Disciples Of Disorder! Can You Hear My Call! / Crying Out The Passion That Will Rise And Never Fall / And Never Fall!' There was a reason they started their set with this song!!! Here is the original album track 'Council Of The Cauldron' from 'Love You To Pieces' (1985) so you can hear the awesome backmasked intro!!!!

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