Monday, January 4, 2016

Huntress - 'Sorrow' from Static (2015)

I LOVE this video. It really evokes Mario Bava & Hammer Horror & Polanski's FVM & their cheesier/more exploitative exponents so very well, and I watched it a lot when it was new. Good job Phil Mucci! I dig Huntress's take on trad/classick metals also and I have for a while. Earlier this week I was watching the music channels on the cable TV and watching the 'Metal' one for a while and this song came on, and I realized it is a deeply felt ode to Sorrow for reals, for aging, regret, self-disgust, wanting to be done with all of it, instead trying to use whatever means at hand to shut out this experience. 'I'm done with getting old'! Indeed... I understand. Lurid 60's Vampirism looks pretty good sometimes as an alternative! Bonus Huntress Content! 'Zenith' from Starbound Beast (2013) This song/video is pretty dope also! I like the vocal performance on this one especially!

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