Friday, January 1, 2016

Locrian - 'Heavy Water' from Infinite Dissolution (2015)

I jammed out in the Subaru a fair bit to Locrian's 2013 album Return To Annihilation whilst going on grocery runs and picking the kids up, etc, in Minneapolis, because the library system there was kind enough to actually carry a Locrian album and I had wanted to hear it anyway and it is pretty awesome musick generally and even better ambient driving-around-doing-errands musicks. So I am more than pleased to be listening to the new Locrian album Infinite Dissolution (it takes me FOREVER to get around to anything), which sounds to me like once humans have wiped themselves out doing something ridiculous and hopefully left some organic life on this planet, the machines that we made not only live on, but repurpose our megachurches to hold educational/tribute Jesus Christ Superstar-like musickal rites with lazers and ecstatic mass-cvlt-downloads to our fallen idiot species. Infinite Dissolution is what I imagine the auditory component of that sort of thing might sound like if translated into a form suitable for humans to listen to. There are ringing guitars, tunneling synths, machine chorales, things that sound like if Pink Floyd were swallowed whole into the Matrix mid-concert but kept playing, etc. The whole of Infinite Dissolution is available to happily zone out/focus thyself to upon their Bandcamp page, as noted above!!!

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