Sunday, January 3, 2016

Wild Horses - Live 1980 TV Appearance w/ Phil Lynott!

I wasn't planning on posting more stuff tonight, but I just came across this awesome TV appearance by Wild Horses, which was Brian Robertson's band after he left Thin Lizzy but before he joined Motorhead. He was with Wild Horses for two albums. He was in Wild Horses with ex-Rainbow bassist Jimmy Bain and a shifting group of musicians. Jimmy does the lead vocal work here. It makes me think that Brian Robertson got used to working with heavy-duty singing bassists as primary foils, which is kind of interesting (Phil, Jimmy, Lemmy). Anyway, after Wild Horses first album came out, they did some promotional stuff for it, including this TV appearance (Tyne Tees/Alright Now) which Phil Lynott hosts and then jams with Wild Horses. I am reconstructing this as best as I can in the order it seems to go in! I am probably wrong! Let it be known that Wild Horses sounds like a slightly more New Wave Thin Lizzy, and looks cool as all hell. Whatever flack Brian Robertson picked up for 'not looking Motorhead' on the Another Perfect Day tour, he looks every inch the Rock Star here! The solos he rips on 'Reservation' especially are insane, like completely insane. And check out all those kids headbanging and moshing!!! They are hungry for the metals! Wild Horses - 'Face Down' Wild Horses - 'Reservation' Wild Horses w/ Phil Lynott - 'I'm Ready/Rosalie'

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