Monday, December 7, 2015

Satyricon - "KING" (2006)

"Climbing Down To Rule The Earth" This is straight-up my favorite mid-2000's Satyricon song. I got to see them play it live and it was awesome. This is very nearly a disco anthem about the behorned serpent-tongued tiger-clawed metal-skinned dragon-winged king of this world. I sing it all the time. Behold The Might!!!! Kingdom Come Hear The Roar!!!!! May Satyr be healed!


  1. This track is so money it's kinda ridiculous - one of my faves from Satyricon and Black 'n' Roll in general. Climbing down to rule the Earth indeed. - JC

    1. Black n Roll 4 EVER!!! I do not tire easily of things! I never tire of Satyricon! Even when they are 'boring'! In fact, I think I like them sometimes for making boring do insane things to time and space.